Our Annual Events

NISEP School Science Shows

These are the core events provided by NISEP. Carried out at our partner schools, secondary students from across Years 8-12 are trained by volunteer university staff and students in how to demonstrate hands-on science activities to younger students (Year 7 and primary) and community members.


“When you’re a participant you look up to the older kids and especially if they’re Indigenous it pushes you to go bigger and brighter and basically reach for the sky.  Yeah, and it’s very valuable to see our people get up there and not be shame and present themselves in a way that is good” NISEP Student Leader, Casino High


“This event was very valuable to me in terms of boosting my self-confidence and being leader, learning to take control and be responsible with other students, showing them how to do certain things. It was a good experience” NISEP Student Leader, Maclean High

Indigenous Science Experience at the Redfern Community Centre, National Science Week

Hosted by the Redfern Community Centre, this annual event is a celebration of Indigenous and Western science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and highlights the relevance of STEM to our everyday lives. Indigenous student leaders and Elders from NISEP partner communities showcase Indigenous science activities to a wide audience at the event.


The event includes three days for primary school students and a free, community open day. The event incorporates a broad range of Indigenous and Western STEM activities presented by NISEP collaborators.


Past activity providers have included: Yaegl, Bundjalung and Wiradjuri Elders, the Australian Museum, Brendan Kerin, Rayma Johnson, South Coast Seaweed, Dolby Laboratories, Stone and Bones, Birdlife Southern NSW, Fizzics Education, Neural Knitworks, Dr Robert Fuller (Australian Indigenous Astronomy), Microscopy Australia (University of Sydney), NewSpec, Burragun Aboriginal Cultural Services, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance, Fred’s Bush Tucker, Modfab 3D Printing, and from Macquarie University: Walanga Muru; School of Natural Sciences; School of Engineering; School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences; Department of Chiropractic; and Indigenous Bioresources Research Group.


This National Science Week and Sydney Science Festival event is made possible through the support of Inspiring Australia and the City of Sydney and grant funding from the Australian Government.


“It’s always good to see Indigenous people from the community come in and see our kids in this generation getting up to good things and not bad things. So I guess in a way it puts us in a position where we can actually see the right from the wrong, and put us in a place where we can do good stuff and we actually enjoy what we’re doing” NISEP Student Leader, Casino High


“I think showcasing [Indigenous science] to people in the community can open people’s eyes to what different sciences there are… you’ve also got the different things as well which people wouldn’t traditionally associate with sciences, but it is just as valid as any other” NISEP Student Leader, Casino High


“Before I didn’t have much idea of what my culture was like but since coming to this my eyes have been opened and I’ve become more aware of my culture and the way it is and the way it was… it’s opened my eyes” NISEP Student Leader, Casino High

Macquarie University Science Experience

This event provides Year 9 and 10 students with three days of experiments, demonstrations and talks from across science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The program also provides information about further studies and career opportunities in STEM. NISEP runs this event and supports Indigenous students from our partner schools to attend as group leaders who guide the other students through the STEM activities. This event provides an opportunity for Indigenous youth to familiarise themselves with a university campus, meet and make friends with young people from all over NSW, and gain leadership skills and experience.

If you are in Year 9/10 and would like to participate in this event, please visit:


“It was good to see the different careers that you could choose for science.  When we were younger we thought it was just one cemented idea but we found out there’s a lot of different pathways that you can take” NISEP Student Leader, Mt Austin High

River of Learning Cultural Immersion Program

This program was developed by Yaegl Elders and community members and Maclean High School  with the assistance of the NISEP team to better incorporate cultural learning into the school. This event is a celebration of local Indigenous culture and highlights the achievements of youth. Local Elders take Year 7 students onto country to teach them about cultural practices and places. Indigenous knowledge and perspectives are then taught across the students’ classes and their achievements showcased at a community open day.

The River of Learning is a unique program that has gone on to win the Nanga Mai award from the NSW Department of Education (2016) and the Narragunnawali Award from Reconciliation Australia (2019).