The Indigenous Science Experience @ REDFERN


Saturday 19-August-2023

10 am – 3 pm

Redfern Community Centre

29-53 Hugo St, Redfern NSW

This free, community open event is a celebration of Indigenous and Western science and highlights the relevance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to our everyday lives.

Come along to get hands-on with a diverse range of interactive science activities accessible to all ages. Activities will include: Yarning with Elders on bush foods and medicines, Indigenous astronomy, maths puzzles, making Aboriginal tools, physics and chemistry activities, and much more! You will also meet Indigenous Elders and student leaders from the National Indigenous Science Education Program who will be assisting in demonstrating the activities.

The event will begin with a traditional smoking ceremony and official welcome (10 am). There will also be the opportunity to purchase food and Aboriginal arts and crafts. Check out this video of the 2023 event.


The following online sessions are FREE but tickets are limited – RSVPs are essential. These are live online events ONLY; they will not be distributed as recordings.

Weaving Workshops

Weaving Magic WorkshopsThese workshops will be led by Wiradjuri woman, Renee Cawthorne, who has extensive experience in delivering engaging cultural experiences for diverse audiences. During these hands-on workshops you will learn about the different weaving techniques used by Australia’s First Nations Peoples and how to make your own basket. Materials for you to take part in the weaving workshops will be sent to you after registration; we will ask for your address as part of the registration process. MATERIALS WILL ONLY BE SENT TO LOCATIONS WITHIN AUSTRALIA. This workshop will be delivered via Zoom Meetings, which will allow the presenters to see and interact with you.

Using Ancient Knowledge for Environmental Sustainability, Healthcare and Cultural Revitalisation
Date: August 14, 2023
Time: 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm

This webinar is FREE but tickets are limited – registrations are essential

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia have built an intimate understanding of both the land and the sea and their resources over more than 60,000 years. In this webinar, you will hear from the fully Indigenous owned organisations Native Secrets and South Coast Seaweed and how they are working to revitalise customary knowledge on natural resources and extend on this knowledge in innovative ways leading to positive impacts for our environment and for healthcare. They will share examples of the customary uses of natural resources including plants and seaweeds and their entrepreneurship in creating new products, including working alongside industry and academic scientists.


Sarah and James Thomas, are co-founders of South Coast Seaweed. James is from Yuin Nation and his people are the salt water people of the South Coast New South Wales. Sarah was born in Quirindi and raised in Murrurundi (which means Valley in the Mountains) and grew up along the songlines of the great dividing range, Kamilaroi country NSW. Sarah and James started South Coast Seaweed to reconnect with their culture and create an industry on the South Coast that is sustainable for the future of our marine life and the next generation.

Phil and Cherie Thompson, are co-founders of Native Secrets. Based near Dubbo, central New South Wales, Australia, on Wiradjuri land, they have worked with Elder Peter Peckham to harness knowledge about bush medicines to create healthcare products using wild-harvested native plants. The CSIRO, through its Botanical Extracts Laboratory and Cell Biology Team, is assisting Indigenous businesses to develop products through a synergy between First Nations’ traditional knowledge and modern scientific practices.  The work with Native Secrets has been supported by the CSIRO’s Kick Start Program ( which provides innovative Australian start-ups and small businesses with funding support and access to CSIRO’s research expertise and capabilities in order to assist them to grow and develop their businesses.

Microscopy and Aboriginal Art: We are Country and we are Culture

Date: Tuesday, August 15

Time: 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm


Precious by Graham Toomey
Precious by Graham Toomey

Join us at this webinar to learn from Aboriginal artist Graham Toomey and from science communicator Jenny Whiting on how microscopy can add a creative new dimension for Aboriginal artists in connecting to Country and how it forms the basis of an inspiring exhibition that highlights that connection.

About the presenters

Graham Toomey is a freshwater man of the Wurrumunga Clan of the Wiradjuri nation he also is from the Wongaibon nation. Graham is a practicing visual artist and an art and cultural consultant. Graham’s creative practice deeply explores his belonging to Country and culture in a spiritual and modernised form. Graham enjoys discovering new styles of creativity which allows him to feel his Country in a diverse way. Graham also is the CEO at Gunawirra in Sydney, which is an Aboriginal community led charity operating early intervention programs supporting First Nations peoples.

Jenny Whiting works for Microscopy Australia as a science communicator and exhibition curator. She has a background in biomedical research and a love of using microscopic imagery to make new connections. She has curated several exhibitions based on microscopic imaging, including Stories and Structures – New Connections.

Since 2012, the Indigenous Science Experience at the Redfern Community Centre has been highlighting the value of traditional and contemporary Indigenous knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This National Science Week event is organised by the National Indigenus Science Education Program, Macquarie University and hosted by the Redfern Community Centre. It is made possible through the support of Inspiring Australia and grant funding from the Australian Government.